Friday, November 4, 2016

Westbury 77035 Live Real Estate Market data and trends

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research #TexasHomeGrants #FHAremodelHouston #FHA203kTexas #PearlandRealEstateAgent #PearlandRealEstateBroker #ShadowCreekRanch #Meridiana #Pomona #HoustonRealEstateAgent #HeftyDreamHome

Live Pearland 77584 Real Estate Stats

Real Estate Market Chart by Altos Research

Build Instant House Equity to eliminate Mortgage Insurance

Do you still pay mortgage insurance?  Do you have less than 20% equity or have a FHA loan with permanent MI ?

Have you considered remodeling your home to increase the home's' value and and gain 20% equity to eliminate the Mortgage Insurance?

I have a renovation loan which can refinance your first mortgage and include up to $150,000 in remodel costs.  This will create Instant House Equity.  Best part is you get to increase your value and stop mortgage insurance.  You might be able to get a remodel for a similar monthly payment that you currently have.

Call Kirk.

I am a Real Estate Broker and a Mortgage loan officer. #TexasHomeGrants  #FHAremodelHouston #FHA203kTexas #PearlandRealEstateAgent #HoustonRealEstateAgent #HeftyDreamHome

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trouble Selling your home? Why not stay and Remodel into your Dream Home?

Have you had trouble selling your home?

Would you like to remodel and increase the homes value?

Let me help you with a government remodel loan.  The loan is a 30 year mortgage which includes up to $150,000 remodel.

You can remodel your current home into your Dream Home.

Dream Home remodels can increase the value for you to enjoy now and build instant home equity.

Often you can increase your home value by 25%.

You can get a pool, landscaping, roof, tile floors, granite, windows, bathrooms, kitchen, outdoor kitchen, carpet, fence, drive-way, siding, appliances, air conditioner, solar, etc.

Enjoy your Dream Home with a government renovation loan.  1 loan. 1 low payment.

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