Friday, May 27, 2016


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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Buying Distressed Property

Today I am going to be discussing buying Distressed property in Houston. Specifically Harris County and southwest Houston. The reason I am focussed on Southwest Houston is that this particular area has increased significantly in the past 5 years. When you are able to purchase a distressed home you can make a substantial profit. Currently I am working on 80 homes in various stages of distress. Some home have been badly damaged by fire; some homes have structural issues due to a foundation problem; other homes have been flooded; then there a just some homes which have been neglected to to time and money. When a home gets older, the owner might need to spend $40,000 updating the home and they are broke; thus no money for the upkeep. I also have spoken with several homeowners who just have had financial problems and need to sell. Fortunately I am able to help both the homeowner and the buyer wanting to fix up the homes. The area has substantial property valuation compared to 10 years ago. The City of Houston has once again become a popular place to live and play and raise a family. If you have ever wanted to buy a home at a below market price and remodel the home into your Dream Home, this is a great time. I have distressed property which you can buy and I can also originate a remodel mortgage to purchase and remodel within the same 1 mortgage loan. Let me know if this is an idea which interests you. Kirk Hefty Real Estate Broker Mortgage Originator 713-922-8435