Monday, January 18, 2016


Do you have a Parent who is in retirement but has a mortgage and credit card debt ?

How many Senior's are reaching Retirement and discovering that their Bank Savings' and 401k"s and Social Security are not enough?  


Pay off your Mortgage
Pay off your Credit Cards

Never Have Another Mortgage Payment !  Have a debt free Retirement !!

How ?

A Government Insured Reverse Mortgage !  Homeowner needs to be 62 years or older.

For Example:  I had a client who had a $ 1500 / month mortgage and $ 500 / mo credit card payments.  

Solution:  I refinanced his home and paid off the mortgage and the credit cards.  The client also had enough equity to allow a $50,000 credit line.  The credit line had a growth rate of 4.7 %.

So, 10 year Net Benefit  $320,000

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